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love your life Mar 14, 2020

Life is too important to be taken seriously.

~Oscar Wilde

The first time it happened I was horrified.

Within a few days of my 55th birthday, I stopped at a corner drug store to pick up some cleaning supplies on my way to my son’s condo. He had just moved out and I was going over to help him give it a thorough cleaning before the new owners took possession. I’ll admit I wasn’t exactly looking my best.

As I was paying for the paper towels the cashier invited me to their upcoming Seniors’ Appreciation Day. To add insult to injury she went on to explain that I didn’t need to purchase anything in order to enjoy the free coffee and donuts. Now, I might have forgiven her if she was some young ‘un behind the counter with a basic belief that anyone over 30 is old. But that wasn’t the case. If the clerk had asked me the question I could have lied. Instead she simply assumed it. I wanted to feign indignation, but resisted.

It happened again that summer at the local garden center. Apparently, Tuesdays are Seniors’ Days and us old folks (does that really include me?) can enjoy 10 per cent off any purchases. When asked if I was a senior, I told her I would use my Horticultural Club membership card to qualify for the same discount. Obviously, I was still in denial.

The next time I was back in the drug store I was more dressed up and looking to buy some new cosmetics. The loose mineral powder I was planning to purchase cost $49 and the lovely mature woman behind the counter told me that if I spent $50 that day I would be entitled to a 20 percent senior’s discount. That’s all the convincing that I needed because the next thing you know I was looking for a lip gloss. The problem was that the writing on the bottom of the tube was so small I couldn’t read it. Within moments three menopausal mamas’ (myself, the store clerk and the woman who happened to be standing near me at the counter) all had on our reading glasses trying to see if that teeny, tiny text said Exotic Orchid.

As if on cue, we three strangers looked at each other and our smiles suddenly burst into giggles followed by unadulterated, goofy laughter. All of a sudden, we were a sisterhood.

I’m okay with it all now. If I don’t get asked “are you a senior citizen, ma’am?” I make sure I let them know that I am. After all my mother always told me that a “penny saved is a penny earned.” Now, I’m looking forward to my monthly seniors’ stipend.

Lighten up. Laugh at yourself. Find things to smile about as you consciously tune into the lighthearted and uplifting moments in life. It makes your body feel happy and your heart sing.

An excerpt from Wear Your Life Well: Lessons on the Journey to your Truest Self

Copyright: Helene Oseen 2017