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Flora B.

Anaheim, California

Although I consider myself a self-confident and accomplished woman I came to understand that I was holding myself back and playing small. This class gave me the opportunity to get reacquainted with myself and gave me the courage to say YES to who I am. I had fun learning about my sense of style and found that even the seemingly small act of cleaning out my closet (6 bags later) started to spill over into other areas as I started to think about what I want and need in my life and what I don't.

I appreciated Helene's easy-going and skilled guidance in creating a safe space that started a new transformation for me.

The class is over, but the journey continues.

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Kellie D.

Playa Coronado, Panama

Fashion has always felt like my nemesis - something I HAD to do to fit in, be taken seriously at work or feel confident at a function. When I began this transformation I was nervous and skeptical about what I would be asked to do and wondered if I would have to spend a fortune to be stylish. My fears were soon put to rest.

I appreciated that this was not focused on one type of woman and the exercises were designed to draw on personal experience, personal goals and personal style.

Helene understood the importance of creating a trusting environment. Her masterclass Midlife Makeover is for any and every woman looking to claim or reclaim her confidence.

"I do have definite opinions, but when it comes to style, Helene always has the last word."

Catherine Ford

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Carole R.

Derbyshire, England


I had no idea how little I used to know and just how much I was going to learn during the weeks of the marvellous Masterclass. Helene provides so much information, all of which got me starting to think about myself in ways I'd never done before.

The journaling prompts and exercises were powerful, and I loved the webinars too. I now understand much more about myself and am hopeful for the future. I know I'll go back from time to time to revisit the lessons.

I began to see great changes in myself, my style and my life quickly. I fee really content for the first time in my adult life. It's been a tremendous and life-changing experience for me.

Helene you are poised, elegant, welcoming, warm, witty and unafraid to show a vulnerable side. Thank you for being you and sharing yourself and your wisdom.


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Vikki M.

Calgary, Alberta


For me this class came at just the right time - soon after a milestone birthday - at a time when I so badly wanted to reinvent myself and update my look. I felt old, unattractive and lacking in style. I was lacking enthusiasm for life in general. Helene understands that to truly transform your life you have to do it from the inside out and the outside in. She challenged me to become more of who I am and gave me the tools to do that. Each week I felt I was learning something valuable and I loved the journaling exercises. Some of the questions are hard. They challenged me to dig deep. Some are fun and made me smile or even laugh out loud.

I'm feeling much more confident and I'm having fun again. People can't seem to figure out what I've done but they keep commenting on how good I look. I tell them about Midlife Makeover - the fabulous on-line course I've taken.



Flora Brown

Joy R.

Fort Pierce, Florida


What a delightful and transformative experience this was for me. I was blown-away by how much information and inspiration Helene shared and I love her style and energy. There were so many facets and insights and the learnings I had around body shape and body image are priceless. Helene's conviction around women stepping up to the core of who they are and empowering each other really resonates deeply with me. 

We all felt so welcome and comfortable and the opportunity to connect with so many other dynamic women was a plus. I feel confident moving forward. Thank you Helene. Your compassionate and giving nature will always be remembered.

Shannon Sambells

Shannon S.

Maui, Hawaii


This class was so powerful. It made me think and consider different aspects of my femininity and my role as a woman. It provided the opportunity to step back from my life and look at what else I want to do and what my next steps are as I move forward. I am at a time in my life journey where I want to be at peace with myself as I let go, reinvent myself and stay relevant. This has helped me question my fears, examine my goals and intentions while prompting me to consider the process of aging and the wisdom and acceptance that evolves with a life well-embraced and lived.

Helene guided us through the pitfalls and challenges of facing ourselves with humor and clear communication while working with the concept that change manifests in options and growth. She didn't *skirt-the-issues* that challenge so many of us. I loved that Helene skillfully presented style in ways that were informative and fun. A great course!

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Jyenny B.

Los Angeles, California


I can't even describe how much of a treat it was to take time to simply think about ME for a few hours a week instead of homework. partner, kids, pets and family.

I looked forward to each session. I discovered that my personal sense of style was there all along; it just needed to be uncovered. I felt affirmed that there are no hard and fast rules, just guidelines and Helene challenged me to think in new ways. (I gave myself permission to stop trying to wear scarves because quite frankly they make me feel uncomfortable.)

I enjoyed the references for maturing women as I find that to be a challenging time to navigate.

I've felt supported by Helene and will say whole-heartedly that Midlife Makeover is a can't miss experience of self-discovery and support within a community of wonderful women.

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Tracy B.

Penticton, British Columbia


It was amazing. The way Helene was able to blend style, color, body types and other *outer things* we deal with as women with navigating the *inner stuff* around dealing with change, self-awareness, self-love, empowerment and being true to yourself in one course.

Because of Helene's sage advice I'm being very picky about my clothing purchases and have to find the perfect pieces - and that's okay. I WILL find what I want and I'm willing to be patient. That's a pretty big adjustment to my instant gratification attitudes of the past. Now, I'll finally have a closet full of things I love to wear.

I've never taken an on-line class before and wasn't sure what to expect. It was a delightful experience and I was sorry when it ended.

I am so glad I took Midlife Makeover. I loved it!


Anytime, Anywhere Access

I got so much out of this class! Having the recorded sessions available anytime that suited me was awesome and I got full value. In addition if I had any questions I was able to reach out to the group and Helene through our private community. I felt completely supported by Helene.

Helene has a loving and tender approach that I, like so many women need as we unrobe from the thoughts and ideas that hold us back from being who we really are.

She walked us through a process of dressing in a way that allows us to live our lives true to ourselves. She moved me into a place where I am comfortable with myself.

Tanya H.

Breezy Point, Minnesota


Tanya H.
Helene Oseen 2.0